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Techni-ICE ™ Dry Ice Packs Heavy-Duty Re-usable

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Techni-ICE ™ Dry Ice Packs Heavy-Duty Re-usable

New-technology 4-layer dry ice pack – the perfect substitute for dry ice! Reusable, it's scientifically proven superior to gel packs, ice packs, and other cold packs.  Just hydrate and freeze. Click picture for more details.

List Price: $6.95
Our Price: $4.99
You Save: $1.96 (28%)

Item in stock!

Discount (Qty) :  
10-19 $3.94 ea
20-49 $3.79 ea
50-99 $3.59 ea
100-249 $3.44 ea
Single Case (250-499 Sheets) $3.19 ea
2-4 Cases (500-1249 Sheets) $2.94 ea
5-8 Cases (1250-2499 Sheets) $2.84 ea
10 Cases or More (2500 Sheets +) $2.79 ea

Standard (STD) 2-layer Techni-ICE ™ Dry Ice Packs

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Standard (STD) 2-layer Techni-ICE ™ Dry Ice Packs

These are 2-layer sheets for shipping perishables such as frozen and refrigerated foods, flowers, candy, candles, cookies, and more.  Good for one-time uses (can be re-used once or twice).

List Price: $4.95
Our Price: $2.99
You Save: $1.96 (40%)

Item in stock!

Discount (Qty) :  
1 to 49 Sheets $2.99 ea
50 to 99 Sheets $2.84 ea
100 to 299 Sheets $2.69 ea
300 to 247 Sheets $2.44 ea
Single Case (428-855 Sheets) $2.19 ea
2-4 Cases (856-1711 Sheets) $1.99 ea
5 Cases or More (1712 Sheets+) $1.89 ea

Making use of container dry ice
By: anonymous

To create your container dry ice previous longer, when touring or when they're from the fridge, wrap them in levels of newspaper. This functions as a ideal insulator.

Dry ice was very first recognized in the nineteenth century by a French chemist. He observed that each time a cylinder of liquid carbon dioxide evaporated it still left driving strong ice. The ice was afterwards trademarked by the Dry Ice Company of The united states and marketed for refrigeration reasons. The ice typically includes a lower temperature than frozen water.

Owing for their moveable type and little dimension, it helps make it simple to transportation excellent within a frozen condition. This form of ice has numerous apps. In coolers they may be used to keep perishable food items like dairy products beneath a specific temperature when they are exterior a freezer or fridge. Most ice packs are inside a type of a plastic sac of ice, refrigerant gel or liquid. The only type of dry ice pack is a sack or bag full of crushed or cubed ice.

In the course of transportation of meals, they are carefully filled with the solution for correct cooling. To maintain your items effectively frozen you will need to shop much more ice inside the container. This can be owing to sublimation in which the solid ice changes right into a gasoline. This even though differs using the outdoors temperature. As a result, the greater dry ice you've got, the for a longer time it's going to final.

The dry ice comes in handy whilst likely for out of doors activities like camping. Dry ice supposed for domestic use can be bought in different ways. It can be employed as being a chilly reliever to relieve ache of small injuries at your home. This ice has to be dealt with with care simply because it's a sound gasoline and might trigger frostbite if in touch with the human pores and skin for additional compared to required time of use.

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Techni-ICE Dry Ice Packs
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