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Techni-ICE ™ Dry Ice Packs Heavy-Duty Re-usable

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Techni-ICE ™ Dry Ice Packs Heavy-Duty Re-usable

New-technology 4-layer dry ice pack – the perfect substitute for dry ice! Reusable, it's scientifically proven superior to gel packs, ice packs, and other cold packs.  Just hydrate and freeze. Click picture for more details.

List Price: $6.95
Our Price: $4.99
You Save: $1.96 (28%)

Item in stock!

Discount (Qty) :  
10-19 $3.94 ea
20-49 $3.79 ea
50-99 $3.59 ea
100-249 $3.44 ea
Single Case (250-499 Sheets) $3.19 ea
2-4 Cases (500-1249 Sheets) $2.94 ea
5-8 Cases (1250-2499 Sheets) $2.84 ea
10 Cases or More (2500 Sheets +) $2.79 ea

Standard (STD) 2-layer Techni-ICE ™ Dry Ice Packs

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Standard (STD) 2-layer Techni-ICE ™ Dry Ice Packs

These are 2-layer sheets for shipping perishables such as frozen and refrigerated foods, flowers, candy, candles, cookies, and more.  Good for one-time uses (can be re-used once or twice).

List Price: $4.95
Our Price: $2.99
You Save: $1.96 (40%)

Item in stock!

Discount (Qty) :  
1 to 49 Sheets $2.99 ea
50 to 99 Sheets $2.84 ea
100 to 299 Sheets $2.69 ea
300 to 247 Sheets $2.44 ea
Single Case (428-855 Sheets) $2.19 ea
2-4 Cases (856-1711 Sheets) $1.99 ea
5 Cases or More (1712 Sheets+) $1.89 ea

Specific ways of putting chicago dry ice into great use
Published by: Anony

chicago dry ice is a single item which has grow to be fairly frequent amid the people as a result of its diverse makes use of. The makes use of aren't only constrained towards the companies or industrial functions but instead, you'll find other utilizes of the ice when it comes to the general public.

For a single, you will find people who love to hunt sport or go fishing through the weekends or trip, the dry ice will come a lot in helpful. The dry ice performs the function of preserving the meat till you arrive home. As a result, carrying a certain quantity from the ice will be sufficient to protect your meat by means of the whole journey home.

Aside from its use on sport meat or fish, there is certainly also the potential for utilizing the ice to preserve crops. Notably, when flowering vegetation are held with no dry ice, there are possibilities that they will commence to bloom. As a way to sluggish this method, 1 should location the vegetation in dry ice. This can decelerate blooming. However, you should not let the dry ice get really near to the plants as it might freeze them.

Furthermore, there is certainly another procedure which can be really tough if you don't know how to undertake it. This is method of getting rid of flooring tiles. Luckily, chicago dry ice has arrive at simplicity the procedure. You can now remove the tiles by initial putting the ice within the tiles for a while. The ice will split the bond between the adhesive as well as the tiles. When the tiles you might be to eliminate have not popped instantly, a small faucet making use of a hammer will do the trick. Nonetheless, you'll be able to preferably preserve dry meals utilizing dry ice which takes place to become a very economical way of preservation. As a result you will find many ways in which you are able to use dry ice in your reward.

Techni-ICE Dry Ice Packs
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