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Techni-ICE ™ Dry Ice Packs Heavy-Duty Re-usable

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Techni-ICE ™ Dry Ice Packs Heavy-Duty Re-usable

New-technology 4-layer dry ice pack – the perfect substitute for dry ice! Reusable, it's scientifically proven superior to gel packs, ice packs, and other cold packs.  Just hydrate and freeze. Click picture for more details.

List Price: $6.95
Our Price: $4.99
You Save: $1.96 (28%)

Item in stock!

Discount (Qty) :  
10-19 $3.94 ea
20-49 $3.79 ea
50-99 $3.59 ea
100-249 $3.44 ea
Single Case (250-499 Sheets) $3.19 ea
2-4 Cases (500-1249 Sheets) $2.94 ea
5-8 Cases (1250-2499 Sheets) $2.84 ea
10 Cases or More (2500 Sheets +) $2.79 ea

Standard (STD) 2-layer Techni-ICE ™ Dry Ice Packs

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Standard (STD) 2-layer Techni-ICE ™ Dry Ice Packs

These are 2-layer sheets for shipping perishables such as frozen and refrigerated foods, flowers, candy, candles, cookies, and more.  Good for one-time uses (can be re-used once or twice).

List Price: $4.95
Our Price: $2.99
You Save: $1.96 (40%)

Item in stock!

Discount (Qty) :  
1 to 49 Sheets $2.99 ea
50 to 99 Sheets $2.84 ea
100 to 299 Sheets $2.69 ea
300 to 247 Sheets $2.44 ea
Single Case (428-855 Sheets) $2.19 ea
2-4 Cases (856-1711 Sheets) $1.99 ea
5 Cases or More (1712 Sheets+) $1.89 ea

dry ice retail store, the safe and swift cooling answer!
By: anon

You will find numerous great things about dry ice retail store over the standard ice bags. It tells concerning the programs and real-life situation exactly where it really is beneficial.

Ice baggage are helpful in various applications starting from meals preservation to first-aid. Nevertheless, they're extremely inconvenient to handle. Ice melts quickly, particularly in the recent period. Refreezing it really is cumbersome and it really is further tough to empty out the drinking water at outside!

Fortunately we have much better and easier choices which make the things straightforward. Reusable dry ice retail store will be the convenient and efficient substitute to ice bags. Keeping the meals chilly on an outside occasion, providing first-aid remedy to the wounded ones and serving awesome drinks within the scorching afternoon is achievable with all the assist of it.

Correct from the size of a giant cooler to some little lunch-box, it's available in convenient and desirable shapes and sizes and intensely simple to manage. It really is the preferred option for a healthcare expert simply because it is very useful in relieving discomfort quickly. Medical doctors propose using it for fast reduction from sprained muscle, insect bite or reduced back pain. It's beneficial in maintaining the medications beneath specific temperature while travelling. As opposed to keeping it inside a standard ice box, much better to help keep within a dry ice retail store. Get there securely in the destination with medicines protected and intact! Dry ice converts into gel following coming towards the space temperature, so there is no fuss of leaking fluid and spoiling the other items.

Attempt it in the course of outside routines, picnic, functions and other occasions. Maintain the meals and drinks cool and safe utilizing dry ice instead of large and troublesome traditional ice bags. It really is secure for air travel as well. Get relieved from your tension of leaking out fluid from the cooling baggage owing to alter within the air stress. It really is certainly the most effective and perfect cooling answer!

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